Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church

Nursery School/Kids' Day Out

3535 Kessler Boulevard, North Drive

Indianapolis, IN  46222

Telephone: 317.829-0208     


Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m., ages 15 months-2 years

$165 per week for full time or $41 per day

Caregivers: Judy Stewart, Marie Roberts, Cleanne Sampson, Bailey Curtis, Becca Mahler, Lynne Moses, Marti Donahue

This class is full of children striving to move from baby to toddler to early preschooler. Some begin shy and wide-eyed at all of the new experiences. Personalities struggle and clash as children learn to say, “Please stop!” instead of pushing and “That’s mine!” instead of hitting. This classroom provides a safe environment for emerging social skills and supports each child’s efforts at figuring out how the world works. Beginning art skills bloom with crayons, markers, paint and glue. Puzzles and blocks are favorite activities as well as trucks, dolls, and the housekeeping center. These pint-sized wonders enjoy songs, stories, finger-plays and nursery rhymes. We provide a loving and structured environment so that each child feels safe and secure as they explore their expanding world.