Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church

Nursery School/Kids' Day Out

3535 Kessler Boulevard, North Drive

Indianapolis, IN  46222

Telephone: 317.829-0208     


Children need to be 4 by September 1st.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

$100 per week

Lead Teacher: Mrs. Sedam

Assistant: Mrs. Oslos

Welcome to the rainbow world of the 4 year-old! As our year unfolds, our 4 year-olds will learn many new things while strengthening already acquired skills. We encourage each child to explore, experiment, and socialize to stimulate their emotional and physical growth. In our preschool class we strive to create an environment where the children and teachers can interact in a positive, loving and Christian manner. We remain sensitive to each child's needs and developmental stage. We believe in the tremendous worth of each child and that no two children are alike.

Our daily unit is a well-balanced lesson plan incorporating a variety of activities that focus on a theme. We discuss the seasons, nutrition, our ever changing world, ABC's, numbers, holidays, pets, dinosaurs, birds, worms and many other topics through the year.

Learning centers give the teachers the opportunity to observe and interact with children individually or in small groups. The following are the learning centers in our room.

CIRCLE TIME: This center offers an opportunity for large-group activities such as storytime, group games, letter games, ABCs, letter of the week, shapes, weather, seasons, holidays, concepts of warm/cold, big/small, numbers, dinosaurs, plants, and show & tell.

1-to-1 TABLE: (Individual and small group discussions) We work with a small group to reinforce specific concepts or provide individually targeted challenges. We offer pencil/scissors skills, simple science, discussion about letter of the week, shapes, math manipulatives, matching games, printing names and memory games.

LIBRARY: The library promotes language and reading readiness skills. We provide books for the children to look through and enjoy.

BLOCK CENTER: The children build and create by taking apart, filling and emptying, sorting and stacking. This encourages side by side play and works on fine motor, math and coordination skills.

CRAFT TABLE: We encourage individual expression and creativity, offer opportunities to explore a variety of media in different ways, and enhance fine visual perception skills. We work with many different materials from paint to buttons, paper plates, oatmeal and many other craft items.

KITCHEN/DRESS UP: We encourage dramatic play, social interaction and self expression. This center gives each child the opportunity to explore roles and pretend.

Incorporating all of these aspects without play would be meaningless to a child. Play is the work of young children. It is through play they learn the skills for success in later life: problem solving, role identification, communication, social skills, and decision-making ability. Play allows for the natural process of learning by doing.

If your child is in full time childcare and you would like to add Little Angels, Little Lambs, or Stars to their day, you will add $14 per week to your full time amount. If your child is in full time childcare and you would like to add Rainbows to their day, you will add $21 to your full time amount.

Rainbows Daily Schedule*

Craft Time
We encourage individual expression and creativity.
1-to-1 Table
Individual and small group discussion, math manipulatives, letter of the week, pencil skills
Free Play
Play allows for the natural process of learning by doing
Bathroom Break / Clean up time
Circle Time
Calendar, weather, day of the week, introduction to our topic or letter of the day
ABC Pretend / Line Leader
Large Muscle Activity / Outside Play / Muscle Room
Snack Time
Circle Time
We offer an opportunity for large group activities such as story time, ABCs, letter of the week, seasons, shapes, finger plays, holidays, songs.
Quiet Table
ABC Bingo, color / shape Bingo, listening exercise, letter paper, etc.
Musical games, listen and move, dancing, musical band, pass the bean bag, etc.
Lunch Break
Quiet Activity
Post office, pencil / scissor skills / drawing table
We offer an afternoon craft that will tie in with our letter of the week, shapes, seasons, or the morning craft. Example: Morning craft-paint an apple for letter “A” week Afternoon craft-make “A”pplesauce etc.
1-to-1 Table
Weekly Reader, scissor skills, letter games, number games, same / different papers, manipulatives
Free Play
Bathroom Break
Large Muscle Activity / Outside Play / Muscle Room
Snack Time
Circle Time
Story, show and tell, ABC carpet games
Get ready to go home